Motel Acacia

A young man is groomed by his tyrannical father to take over the family business, a sinister motel that specializes in “taking care of” immigrants.

  • Genre: Horror
  • Director: Bradley Liew
  • Producer: Jeremy Chua, Kriz G. Gazmen, Sinisa Juricic, Bradley Liew
  • Release Date: 2019


  • Production Company: Epic Media
  • Cast: JC Santos, Jan Bijvoet, Agot Isidro
  • Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Vincent Villa
  • Sound Editor Assistant and Mixer: Sreymoch Kim
  • Additional Sound Editor Assistant: Thana San


Nominated for EDDYS for Best Sound at Entertainment Editor’s Choice Award

Nominated for Asian Future Best Film Award for Best File at Tokyo Internationational Film Festival in 2019