Kongchak Pictures was established in 2015 as a Cambodian Production house, with a mission to develop Cambodia’s film industry, fostering a vibrant ecosystem that helps our storytellers to shine, both at home and abroad. We are dedicated to reflect the richness, diversity, and lore of Cambodian culture through the universal language of cinema.

Our original productions include Jailbreak, the first and only Cambodian movie acquired by Netflix, Young Love which premiered in Locarno International Film Festival, and The Prey which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival.

We’ve also worked on other film co-productions shot in Cambodia, in order to promote Cambodian culture & heritage on the international scale such as “The Perfect Motion”, “Surviving Bokator” & “White Building”.

In 2019, we joined forces with Sound Designer Vincent Villa to launch our sub-entity Kongchak Studio, and opened the first Audio post-production facility in Cambodia. The studios now features the first Certified Dolby Atmos Theatrical Studio in the country, as well as Recording and Mastering suites for Dubbing and Music.

Kongchak Studio underscores the crucial role of sound as a storytelling element, capable of shaping narratives, and creating sound experiences that are both technically groundbreaking and emotionally resonant.

Our latest venture with Kongchak Design is actually our longest running service as our team started as a design service agency before we went into production. Having ran principally as an internal agency for our group of investment, and all of our films campaigns, we’re now expanding our reach to seize new market opportunities in the visual communication field.