Covid-19 is a film based on a true story of a global crisis that is reflected in our society today in times of crisis. They said they would achieve their dream of becoming real estate millionaires and online millionaire Ratha and his wife Pisey had a daughter named Charnai. After a while, the government was encouraged to buy a car so that the hopes would be brighter. Suddenly, the Kovit 19 crisis came and things changed. Their property was downgraded. Pisey was lied to by her boss, Chhorvy, who sold fake lotion to Pisey, who was responsible for paying the guests. Especially my aunt, the life of a couple who are on their way to becoming a millionaire also falls into poverty. Tha wandered the streets without a solution, what the life of this couple will be like?

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Huy Yaleng
  • Producer: Huy Yaleng, Oul Chamroeun
  • Release Date: 2020


  • Production Company: Kaktha Chey Film
  • Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Vincent Villa
  • Sound Editor Assistant and Mixer: Sreymoch Kim
  • Additional Sound Editor Assistant: Thana San