Kongchak Pictures

Senior Digital Marketing

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Prepares social media marketing campaigns and strategizes them in such a way that
they will align with our clientele, affiliate and business’ digital objectives.
• Ensures that the online platforms such as social media, website, promotional material,
marketing campaign strategy are updated on a regular basis
• Serves as Community Manager responsible for managing social media pages,
interacting with community members and making sure it’s running smoothly.
• Provides ideas, inputs and collaborates on presentation and explanation of content to
clients while coordinating with creatives and production teams.
• Works with the Marketing Head to help create monthly reports for the marketing
department particularly the monthly Facebook Billing and Insights Reports
• Stays up to date with latest industry trends and practices with extensive knowledge
and experience of digital marketing platforms.

Skills and Qualifications:
• At least 2-3 years prior working experience
• Attention to Details
• Strong Analytical Skills
• Excellent Communication Skills
• Ability to Manage Strict Deadlines
• Knowledge of Social Media Marketing
• Time Management and Presentation Skills

To apply please submit CV to:
Contact: 017 600 929 / 093 600 929 for details
Location: St. 598c, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh