When Mom Gets Old

When mom gets old, she starts to over complaining, recites the same things more often which bothered her children. That is when it causes upsetting between mom and children, the fighting back and forth, the argument between the old and new viewpoints; which takes place every time, everywhere, and in almost every family. “When mom gets old” this movie will narrate the lives of 4 moms along with problems that happen in their family, which has similarities to what happened in society.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Phoung Bopha Poan
  • Producer: Phoung Bopha Poan
  • Executive Producer: Song Te, Loy Te
  • Release Date: 2021


  • Production Company: MCNV Pictures
  • DOP: Sok Dan
  • Writer: Phoung Bopha Poan
  • Main Actor: Edwin, Sonyta Mean, Dy Saveth, Sveng Socheata
  • Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Vincent Villa
  • Sound Editor Assistant and Mixer: Sreymoch Kim
  • Additional Sound Editor Assistant: Thana San