25 Years Old Girl

After Dalis knows that her parent got the plan crush, she was shock and got the car accident. She lost her memory and while she is pregnant, she became a 7 years old girl again named “Kon Dob” or The Mantis. His husband, Yuthy, is really sad on this news. Later, Yuthy’s boss introduces him a nurse who can take care of Dalis at home. After living for a while, the nurse loves Yuthy and this make Dalis upset and jealous. She decides to run out from home. Yuthy tries to find Dalis everywhere but didn’t see her. Dalis steals the food from a store. The seller catches her for the police but 2 handicap guys comes to save her. One guy is blind and another guy is polio. Dalis stays with them in temporary. From day to day, Dalis always eat a lot as she is pregnant, so the 2 guys want to abandoned her because they can’t afford to feed her. They try to abandoned her in different places but she still can come back home as she is smart. Dalis started thinking how to get money by singing and dancing in public with the 2 guys. Everyone interested with her and donate a lot of money. Once day, her husband’s friend saw her while she is dancing. He tells this news to Yuthy. Yuthy found Dalis and it is time for her to deliver the baby. After suffering from deliver the baby she becomes to normal people. In the end, she asks the 2 guys to live together with her family.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Phoung Bopha Poan
  • Producer: Loy Te, Song Te
  • Release Date: 2021


  • Production Company: MCNV Pictures
  • DOP: Prum Chanbora
  • Writer: Phoung Bopha Poan
  • Main Actor: Ny Mulika, Nheam Sokkun, Neay Kroch, Neay Chivorn
  • Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Vincent Villa
  • Sound Editor Assistant and Mixer: Sreymoch Kim
  • Additional Sound Editor Assistant: Thana San